Latest poll shows ND leading by 16.5% against SYRIZA

One in three want SYRIZA government to resign

In the latest poll major conservative Greek opposition party New Democracy (ND) has opened up a double digit lead against ruling leftist party SYRIZA. The poll, conducted by the University of Macedonia and aired on Skai TV’s nightly news bulletin, revealed that ND received 33% compared to SYRIZA’s 16.5%, with one in three of the respondents saying they wanted the current government to resign. Extreme right Golden Dawn (GD) came in third with a 7.5% approval rating, followed by the communist party of KKE (7%) and Democratic Alignment. The poll reflects a general dissatisfaction with the government’s performance with only 12% approving of the government’s actions and policies. Only 7.5% believe the government is moving in the right direction, while 80% says the negotiations with the country’s creditors will end with more austerity measures.