Latest poll shows opposition ND lead rulling SYRIZA by 19%

Survey conducted by Public Issue

The margin in favour of major opposition party New Democracy (ND) and ruling SYRIZA has increased again, as the latest Public Issue poll of May 2018 revealed. The gap has widened to 19 percentage points, with ND receiving 39% and SYRIZA 20% in the phone survey on the question of who the respondents intended to vote for.
Compared to the first month of this year, ND’s election influence has risen by two points, reaching 39%. On the contrary, SYRIZA’s electoral influence declined by one and a half points and is estimated at 20%.
As the analysts point out, this is the “largest difference since the first electoral contest of the post-communist period (1974)”.

The re-emergence of the Macedonian issue into the ideological and political discourse seems to have had a negative impact on the ruling party’s electoral influence.
The Movement of Change appears to have cemented its position in 3rd spot with 11%, despite a marked decline (-2%) in the electoral impact.

The Union of Centrists reached 3.5%, half a point over the threshold for entry into the House, as it has a significant rise (+ 1%).

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