Leaked photos of TCL slide-out concept phone (photos)

The photos were obtained by CNET

One of the conundrums smartphone designers were faced with was how to enlargen screen size without making the devices too bulky. Foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr aren’t the only ways for mobile handsets to double their “real estate” this year.

According to an exclusive piece by CNET, TCL is working on a phone that has a slide-out screen instead of one you can bend in half. Based on images that CNET obtained, it has a screen that you pull out from what looks like a standard phone, which then turns it into a tablet.

As CNET reports, citing a trusted source, the expandable phone is a device journalists would have seen at Mobile World Congress this month. The world’s largest mobile show was cancelled in response to health concerns regarding the global spread of coronavirus.

source cnet.com