Lesvos: New migrant camp is being constructed – Shocking images (videos-photos)

Army helicopters transport tents so that the construction of the camp will begin

The shooting range behind Kara Tepe location on the island of Lesvos seems to have been the place that qualified to house most of the thousands of migrants found on the street after the big fire in Moria camp on Tuesday night and the following ones that resulted in its complete destruction.

The reporter of protothema.gr Frixos Dracontidis recorded images of Army helicopters transporting tents so that the construction of the camp will begin without it being known until now exactly when the works will be completed.

At the same time, thousands of illegal immigrants are on the streets in Kara Tepe in order to be closer to the new camp.

There are also strong police forces in the area after the arrival of reinforcements on Friday morning with men and anti-riot units but also the two water-cannon vehicles that arrived on the island.

The anti-riot units were deployed along the section of the road where migrants and refugees live, from Kara Tepe to Moria.

The armored water-cannon vehicles were parked at the base of the Fire Brigade in Kara Tepe.