London Mayor reveals “inclusive” advertising winner which excludes white people

The Mayor said it empowers BAME communities

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed the winner of an award for “diversity in advertising” which featured all models of colour, and no light-skinned people.

“London’s greatest strength is our diversity, so we challenged advertisers to produce ads that better represented our BAME communities,” tweeted Khan.


The poster features six scantily dressed brown and black people advertising Nubian, a company that sells underwear for people with darker skin tones.

Khan said the ad was “empowering, inclusive,” just not very inclusive of white people.

Although the ad itself was targetted to people of darker skin as it is called “Nubian Skin”, the fact that the ideology of “inclusion” and “diversity” promulgated in the wesst excludes people of caucasian ancestry appears non-inclusive and defeats the purpose it purports to promote.