Long-lost Norman monastery found in Ireland

It is dated to the 13 the century

In Ireland a long-lost 13 th century monastery has been found along with a large number of medieval artifacts. Monastic farms and other buildings that belonged to French and Norman monks who had settled in Ireland were unearthed. The finds are throwing light on the economic, political, and social structure of Ireland in the decades after the Norman conquest.

The discoveries were made, on some private land at a location known as Beaubec, just outside the town of Drogheda in the County of Meath . The Irish Mirror reports that the dig was undertaken “at the behest of landowner and local historian John McCullen”.

He passionately believed that some ruins on his lands were of great archaeological importance and has finally been proven correct. According to local tradition a great Cistercian monastery was built in the area during the Middle Ages and there are some records to support those claims.

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