Lux iPhone X costs 58,000 euros! (photos-video)

Makes new iPhone X look cheap…

If you think the price of the new iPhone X was out of your range, then the Lux iPhone X Ingot version will have you spinning. Designers have created the Lux iPhone X Ingot, featuring 250 grams of solid gold – but it costs an astounding 58,000 euros.
Los Angeles-based design firm Brikk has released a range of new luxury products on its website following Apple’s event last week.
Several luxury versions of the iPhone X have been designed, including two gold ingot designs, and others with diamonds encrusted.
A description for the Gold Ingot range says: ‘The Lux iPhone X Ingot is a very rare specimen.
‘The Ingot 108 features 108 grams/3.50 ounces of 22K gold.
‘The Ingot 250 features 250 grams/8.88 ounces of 22K gold and a mirror polished back surface.’
Each luxury phone is hand-made and constructed in Los Angeles by Brikk designers.