Macedonian municipalities overwhelmingly reject Prespes Agreement

80% of 43 municipalities oppose the deal with FYROM

A total of 43 municipalities in the region of Macedonia have so far expressed their opposition to the Prespes Agreement between the Greek government and FYROM.
The local council boards passed resolutions rejecting the deal regarding the name of Macedonia
The number represents 80% of the municipalities in the three districts that comprise the geographical district of Macedonia, illustrating the clear rift between the vast majority of the popular will in the north of Greece with the central government’s choices on the national issue.

Since December 2017, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Cultural Associations of Macedonians (POMOS) had called on all Macedonian municipalities to address the emerging developments and the concession of the Macedonian name to the state of FYROM.
About 80% of the municipalities responded to the request, passing resolutions related to the matter expressing their outright rejection of the concession of the name “Macedonia”.