Macron to Turkey: First respect, then dialogue

Erdogan to Macron: Do not support the Greek maximalist positions

The French President speaking at the UN General Assembly sent a strong message to Turkey and calling on it to respect international law.

“We are ready for a dialogue with Turkey, but we expect them to respect European sovereignty, international law, as well as to provide clarifications on their actions in Libya and Syria”, Emmanuel Macron said.

“The insults are ineffective. All these words, all these acts have no place in the relations between responsible states. You need responsibility. We are ready for dialogue, for the effective construction of a Pax Mediterranea, but not with intimidation and the law of the strong. We need respect for international law and co-operation”, Macron said during a teleconference address to the UN General Assembly.

“These principles are non-negotiable”, he said.

Erdogan to Macron: Do not support the Greek maximalist positions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke by telephone on Tuesday night.

Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean were at the center of the conversation.

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According to the Turkish presidency, they discussed the causes of the tension that has developed in recent months in the region, while Erdogan called for respect for the legal rights of Turkish-Cypriots.

At the same time, they raised the issue of Ankara’s troubled relations with the European Union.

The Turkish President also told his French counterpart that his country has no ambitions against others, does not violate the rights of other countries and stressed the weight that Turkey places on dialogue and co-operation to resolve problems.

According to EHA News, Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed to Emmanuel Macron that the problem in the Eastern Mediterranean is due to ignorance about the rights of Turkey and the Turkish-Cypriots.

At the same time, Erdogan expressed the view that it does not make sense for France to support maximalist, as he characterized them, Greek positions that increase tensions.