Man breaks women’s deadlift record while identifying as a female! (video)

Rapper Zuby did the stunt to open up the discussion on transgender athletes in female sports

A British rapper named “Zuby” garnered worldwide attention in March of 2019 after posting a video of himself declaring he had broken the British Women’s deadlift record.
In the tweet, Zuby said that he “identified as a woman whilst lifting the weight,” ultimately trolling the debate of transgender people competing in athletic events.
He claimed to have broken the women’s dead-lift record of 238kg (528 pounds), and he said it was “without even trying”.
In an interview with conservative commenter Ben Shapiro Zuby said he felt that the video resonated with people because he’s not a professional lifter.
“If a recreational lifter, such as myself, can set those kinds of records in the women’s division I think it should show people what the difference is and why that might be an idea people want to reconsider,” said Zuby.
The International Olympic Committee, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the NAIA all have rules that say transgender women need to pass certain tests. USA Powerlifting, however, does not allow transgender women to compete as women.