Man cuts earlobes and nose to look like a skull (graphic photos)

The tattoo artists says he is a normal person

Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, a tattoo artist known as Kalaca Skull, went to the extremes, undergoing physical transformations, in order to resemble a human skull.

According to The Daily Mail, the tattoo artist started modifying his appearance after his mother’s death to avoid upsetting her, even though he was fascinated with skulls for many years.

In order to achieve the desired transformation, Kalaca Skull even resorted to surgery by removing his earlobes and part of his nose, and splitting his tongue in half.

He then had his face, and even his tongue, tattooed to resemble a skull, and shaved his hair into a mohawk to show off his head tattoos.

“I am a normal person who just happens to look a lot different than most other people. It’s like a different way of thinking, of dressing, a different style of music. I just feel good the way I am,” he said.