Man “wearing a vest with wires hanging out” arrested at Berlin airport

The man threatened officials with a bottle when approached


A man has been arrested after he was spotted wearing a vest with wires dangling out at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport. He sparked a security alert just after 8am, as he was spotted in the carpark.

The man threatened officials with a bottle when approached. He has since been arrested, with police cordoning off the area to allow special forces to conduct further investigations.

“The man at Schoenefeld had a vest with him, where cables and wires hanging out,” police confirmed in a statement. “He also had more luggage with him. Special forces were requested for investigation. Therefore, the parking lot P6, the alpine hut and the glass underpass were shut off.”

The vest has been taken from the man, with local police confirming public safety, tweeting “Currently there is no danger for people at Schoenefeld Airport.”

“The identity of the man is not yet clear,” police said, adding that the vest and the man’s other seized items are “currently being investigated by special forces.”

Source: rt