Police search hotel of gunman who opened fire at Mikrolimano bar (photos + videos)

The police searched Galini hotel after the hotel owner recognized his face in the photos that leaked to the press

The police are still looking for 31-year-old Armben Glodian also known as Albert Bako after a shooting spree at a Mikrolimano nightclub at Piraeus. Four of the 15 people injured in the attack are still in hospital and are said to be in a stable condition whereas one person was killed in the shooting. Meanwhile, police are seeking the man that they believe was involved in three similar incidents in the past.

The owner of the Galini hotel (“Galini” ironically means “Harmony”) at Piraeus saw the photo of the Albanian that leaked into the press and immediately recognized him. Police forces entered the hotel seeking clues that would help them locate the gunman.


Speaking to journalists, the woman who owns the hotel said she was shocked when she realized that the man who had shot at 15 people, killing one, was staying at her hotel, located just a few meters away from the bar.


Owners of the bar say that it will begin operating again on Friday and Saturday with proceeds going to those who were injured in the incident.


Ballistic tests on bullet casings gathered from the shooting were found on Monday to not be connected to any previous attacks. Video footage from the scene has already been released and a photograph of the blue-eyed suspect has been circulated around the press though there has not been one officially released.


The video from CCTV footage showed the perpetrator walking away from the scene of the calm slowly and then running away. Police are seeking to find out what happened to the gunman after he disappeared and are looking into the possibility that he may be staying at a flat near the area where the bar was.