Manolis Glezos dies at 97

He was admitted to hospital with symptoms of gastroenteritis 10 days ago

Manolis Glezos, the iconic left Greek activist has past away at the age 97. Glexos was admitted to hospital with symptoms of gastroenteritis on Tuesday, March 17.

Manolis Glezos was born on September 9, 1922 in Naxos Apeiranthos. He was a Greek politician on the left, a hero of the National Resistance, a journalist and writer.

Glezos is best remembered for his heroic act, together with Lakis Santas in 1941, of climbing Acropolis Hill at nighttime and taking down the swastika flag, dealing a symbolic blow to the powerful occupying forces. He was highly revered figure in the left movement in Greece for decades and also served in the European Parliament.