“Marathon Universe” art exhibition a unique experience for Athens International Airport passengers

Art installation takes passengers beyond time and space

A perfect proposition for the Art aficionados who are traveling to and from Athens is a new installation called “Marathon Universe”, set up at the Athens International Airport. The temporary exhibition showcases the works of Greek sculptor Nikos-Yorgos Papoutsidis, and opened in January running through the end of March. The passengers will be able to appreciate and connect to the artist’s creations that focus on the life of the everyday runner/traveller getting through life by their unfettered will and determination. The passengers will actually be ale to become part of the installation by following the authentic Marathon run. Inspired by the perpetual ideal of the Marathon and the non-stop struggle of humans through space and time, the artist attempt to convey a sense of time and space travel through his work. Miniature models and audiovisual material of Papoutsidis’s permanent collection of outdoor sculptures are among the items featured. The exhibition is a collaboration of Athens International Airport and Marathon Run Museum of Marathon Municipality.

photo by Thomas Gerasopoulos

For more information see here: www.aia.gr

source: visitigreece

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