Marios Iliopoulos is awarded for his total contribution to those affected by the national tragedy at Mati region

With personal concern & with a high sense of responsibility, professionalism & social sensitivity, he helped with rescue boats during the night of the tragedy


Mr. Marios Iliopoulos received a significant award for his contribution to the victims of the devastating wildfire at Mati region on 23 rd  July 2018, during a memorial event one year on from the day of the national tragedy.

In this highly emotional-charged event, the Mayor of Rafina-Pikermi Mr. Evangelos Bournous, awarded an honorary prize to Mr. Marios Iliopoulos … “for his total contribution to our fellow human beings, during the catastrophic wildfire of 23rd July 2018“.

From the very first moment, Mr. Marios Iliopoulos was next to the victims of the tragic incident. With personal concern and with a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and social sensitivity, he helped with rescue boats during the night of the tragedy, along with Seajets’ seamen and local fishermen, during the retreat of our 600 fellow humans who had fled to the sea.

From the very first days he cooperated with the municipality in order to materialize the following:

• Hired cranes and means of transport in order to reopen the roads to Mati and the Kokkino Limanaki, ensuring the re-establishing of the area’s road network.
• Provided food supplies to those affected.
• By organized special events, in cooperation with Seajets, he provided psychological support to children affected by the tragedy.

As part of his social offer, Mr. Iliopoulos materialized a very important initiative, of his own thought and inspiration, which Seajets fulfilled. He offered 10% of the net fare of each passenger who traveled with TERA JET (the world’s largest highspeed vessel) for all routes to and from Rafina Port, in order to assist in the reconstruction, rehabilitation and operation of the affected area of Mati and Kokkino Limanaki.

With all the above initiatives, Mr. Iliopoulos and his family, again showed their sense of contribution to society.

During the honorary event, Mr. Marios Iliopoulos, stated:

One year after the catastrophic wildfire in Mati region, which killed 102 of our fellow-villagers and destroyed thousands of homes, we are here to support those who are in need. For all of us, the immediate reaction and contribution to tackling the consequences of the unexpected disaster of 23 rd  July is an instinctive and immediate task. 

I honour all those who supported our fellow humans with their heroic solidarity, such as our sailors and fishermen. They participated in a feeling of self-sacrifice and altruism during the rescue of 23 rd  July. I also honour those who support, via their soul, now and in the future the affected Mati region, along with those who offer a new dawn and hope that all Greeks strive for in our country. Social awareness must be our standard and vision for our homeland …