Mary Sinatsakis to become a…cat!

Preparing for her next professional step

Mary Sinatsakis is a multi-talented beauty. She is a TV presenter, a businessman, an actress and she could probably be successful in whatever she set her mind to. Mary was a guest on the “Sunday Night Live” show and talked about everything to Zeta Makrypoulia and Nikos Moutsinas.
Among other things, she hinted at her new professional step outside television.
“In the last few days, I have been doing a cat for about 5 hours a day in my life. Very soon, thee will be some cats arriving in the country, but I can’t say anything else. But I know we will be dancing and singing a…and cats, in general!”, she said.

The legendary musical “Cats”, will be coming to Greece in May with Mary Sinatsakis being among the cast of the actors.