Massive search launched for “missing” kite surfer who was at home the whole time


For the benefit of missing kite, there will be no rescue tonight in New Jersey.

After the Coast Guard received a report that a kite surfer was stranded about 500 yards off the coast of Ocean City, it turned out that the man had actually made it home safely. He had no idea there was a search effort going on for him, the Coast Guard said in a release on Friday.

On Thursday, the Coast Guard station in Atlantic City received a 911 call reporting that a kite surfer had fallen of a board and was drifting out to sea near the Corson Inlet.

On Friday at 10 a.m., the suspected drifter, who authorities didn’t identify, contacted the Coast Guard to give them the real story: His kite had malfunctioned, forcing him to cut it loose. He then paddled in on his board and went home, oblivious to the large-scale search going on for him.

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