Meet Dadabots, the AI death metal band playing non-stop on Youtube (video)

It’s all about the…algorithms?

Depending on your tolerance for loud, relentless heavy metal music, this latest example of AI-generated creativity could be either glorious ear candy or the aural equivalent of waterboarding. Currently live-streaming on YouTube is a non-stop, algorithmically-generated torrent of technical death metal, and regardless of one’s personal musical taste, it’s undeniably an impressive example of machine-driven creativity.

Dadabots is the brainchild of CJ Carr and Zack Zukowski, a couple of musicians with a strong interest in algorithmically-generated music. For a couple of years now the duo has been working on developing a recurrent neural network that can produce original compositions after being trained on specific datasets from singular musical genres. Early experiments incorporated a variety of different genres, before the duo discovered metal and punk in particular seemed to be better suited to the erratic and often random nature of the algorithm.
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