Meet Pedro Rodrigues Filho, the real-life “Dexter” – Serial killer of other criminals

Which would make him one of the “nicer” serial killers

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is one serious serial killer. He’s responsible for at least 70 murders, 10 of which he committed before he reached the age of 18.

When it comes to Pedro Rodrigues Filho though, being a good guy can actually pay off. Rodrigues targeted victims who, for the most part, weren’t just average everyday people. Described by one analyst as the “perfect psychopath,” Rodrigues went after other criminals and those who had wronged him.

Rodrigues’ life started out rough from the moment he came into the world. He was born in 1954 in Minas Gerais, Brazil with an injured skull as a result of a beating his mother took from his father while she was pregnant.

Rodrigues committed his first kill when he was just 14. The victim was his town’s vice-Mayor. The man had recently fired Rodrigues’ father, who was working as a school guard, for allegedly stealing food from the school. So Rodrigues shot him in front of city hall with a shotgun.

His second murder wasn’t long after. Rodrigues went on to murder another guard who was the supposed real food thief.

He fled to the area of Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Once there, Rodrigues killed a drug dealer and participated in some burglaries as well. He also fell in love. Her name was Maria Aparecida Olympia and the two lived together until she was killed by gang members.

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