Meet the girl that sleeps only 1 hour a night! (video)

She suffers from rare condition called Angelman syndrome

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, which can often affect a patient’s life in all aspects, even leading to depression. Insomnia, however, is a very mild condition compared to other more serious disorders. Imagine, foe example, if you only slept as long as an hour and a half a night! A 3-year-old girl has a rare condition which means she can survive on an hour of sleep a night. Exhausted parents Robin Audette and Kirk Hisko are lucky to get between four to six hours sleep a night, but their energetic daughter Ever can survive on as little as an hour and a half – and even been known to sleep at 20 minute intervals throughout a whole night. The reason for Ever’s sporadic sleeping patterns? Angelman syndrome: a genetic and neurological disorder, which occurs in approximately 12-20,000 people. It affects the nervous system, while symptoms include a small head and sever intellectual disability. Children diagnosed with the syndrome express a particular interest in water and are usually happy in nature.