Men are getting ill after sex and no one knows why

What is wrong with men!


Post-orgasm illness syndrome (POIS) is where a person (usually a man) experiences a range of non-genital related illnesses during or immediately after an orgasm.

The rare condition was also described as a kind of ‘semen allergy’ when it was first documented in 2002.

Some of the effects of POIS are similar to an allergic reaction, but it can also present itself with symptoms of confusion, inability to speak, read, or write, muscle pain, fatigue, itchy eyes, feverishness, and influenza symptoms.

A new article in the journal Sex Medicine Reviews reports that there have been just 50 cases of the condition in medical literature.

Of these 50, there are two types of POIS – primary and secondary.

Primary is when a person experiences POIS from their very first orgasm, secondary is when the syndrome develops later in life.

Scientists believe they have found a tenuous link with sufferers of POIS and premature ejaculators, but this remains unconfirmed.

The study by the Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, concluded that the overall cause for POIS is still unknown, and;

Further studies are warranted to investigate the prevalence, pathophysiology, and treatment of this debilitating condition,

According to the author of the original study into the condition, published in 2011, a form of therapy for POIS does exist.

It’s a very slow process. It is used for all sorts of allergies and can sometimes take up to 5 years.