Men gang-rape and behead 3-year-old girl in India

The men have been arrested

Shocking footage shows a three-year-old girl being abducted from a railway station as she was sleeping before she was allegedly gang-raped and beheaded by two men in India.

The girl, who was sleeping next to her mother, was picked up by a man in a T-shirt and shorts from the Tatanagar railway station in Jharkhand state’s Jamshedpur city last week.

After waking up and realising her daughter was gone, her frantic mother phoned the police, suspecting her partner as the culprit.

Police found the body of the girl, with the head missing, near the Telco police station area in Jamshedpur.

Three men, including the two, believed to have raped and killed the little girl, have been arrested.

One of the alleged killers, Rinku Sahu, recently left prison after serving time for kidnapping a child and attempting to kill her in 2015.

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