Men prefer blondes for a date but brunettes are better wives, a study reveals

The study also found that long-haired women are considered less healthy & attractive than those with a medium hairstyle

Men think that blonde women are younger and healthier than brunettes. At the same time and influenced by stereotypes, they think that blondes are sexually more available than other women. However, blondes may gather the erotic preferences, but brunettes are considered better wives, according to a recent research.

The study of the University of Minnesota was conducted on a sample of 110 men and is completing a previous study, according to which blondes get more tips as waitresses in restaurants.

Psychologists showed to men some photographs of blonde and brunette women.

Men were found to be more attracted by blonde women and found it easier to start a relationship with them.
Also, it was found that blondes looked much younger and healthier than other women, believing they were erroneously available. According to psychologists this suggests that they would prefer to have a date with a blonde woman and create a family with a brunette.

The study also found that long-haired women are considered less healthy and attractive than those with a medium hairstyle.

Because the color of our hair tends to darken as we grow up, older women with natural light-colored hair are younger and therefore they are considered more fertile than the others.

However, psychologists point out that men’s preferences for whether a woman is desirable may have been affected over the decades.