Metro and Trolley workers declare 24-hour strike for Friday

They object to new omnibus bill submitted by government

The Athenian public will face an upheaval while commuting to work on Friday, January 12 as the workers’ unions of the Metro and the Trolley services declared a 24-hour strike.

The Metro workers are against the amendments pushed by the government in the omnibus bill submitted for discussion in parliament regarding industrial action rights. In a statement released the Metro union accused the government of “handing over to the lenders whatever is left over from the public property, along with the final hope of a life with dignity of struggling people”. In their statement, the workers call on the public to take dynamically voice their objection to the planned legislation by dynamically taking part in the demonstrations.

The workers at ILPAP, the public Trolley company will also stop working on Friday. “The closing of the third review brings along with it new harsh measures, like the liberalisation of property seizures via public auctions”, the statement of the Trolley workers’ union read.