Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden and All Scandinavia visits two cities in Sweden (photos)

The Metropolitan underlined the significance of spiritual contemplation and prayer

Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden and All Scandinavia visited the cities of Jönköping and Linköping in Sweden during the Second Week of Lent. It was his fourth archpastoral visit to those cities since his enthronement in June 2014.
He began his visit on Friday, March 10, 2017 in the city of Jönköping, where he presided over the 2nd Salutations Servic e to the Theotokos at the Sts. Constantine and Helen Church and spoke about the Virgin Mary’s role in the Incarnation of Christ.
A reception offered by the parish followed immediately afterwards, which was attended by parishioners and honored guests including Rev. Hans Boeryd, past Vicar General of the Church of Sweden in the city of Jönköping, and Rev.Fredrik Hollertz, President of the local Christian Council (Jönköping Kristna Samråd).
A meeting followed between the Metropolitan, the parish priest of the newly established parish Rev. Presbyter Nicholas Rigas, and the members of the parish council Panagiotis Delezizis, Panagiotis Theodorides, Georgia Syraka, Christos Baltas, and Parthenios Theodorides, during which the Metropolitan congratulated them for their zeal and devotion, and was briefed by them on the new programs and ministries of the parish, aimed at engaging the youth in parish life.

On March 11th, Metropolitan Cleopas visited the city of Linköping, where he presided over the Divine Liturgy that was celebrated in the St. John the Theologian Church.
In his sermon, Metropolitan Cleopas pointed out how impressed he was by the large number of children who attended the holy services, and also spoke about the services of Great Lent and the symbolism of the bishop’s pectoral icon/medallion.