Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden visits Uppsala

On the occasion of the local parish’s feast day celebrations

Ηis Eminence, Metropolitan Cleopas of Sweden, presided over the Divine Liturgy at the St. Paul Church in Uppsala, Sweden, on the occasion of the local parish’s feast day celebrations.

The Rev. Protopresbyter Panagiotis Kostoulas, who has recently arrived from Greece on a leave of absence from the Metropolis of Langada and has joined the Metropolis of Sweden clergy, participated in the services.

Mr. Ilias Gergi of Stockholm and Dr. Joachim Fokas, Dr. Vasileios Raptis and Dr. Demosthenes Stoupas of Västerås chanted the hymns with Byzantine grandeur.

His Eminence was escorted to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Bengt Svendberg.

Photo credit: Mr. Bengt Svendberg