Metropolitan of Kozani calls on faithful to share spoon in Holy Communion

The region of Kozani has gone into total Covid-19 lockdown

The Metropolitan of Serbia and Kozani, Pavlos, called on his flock at Sunday morning’s liturgy to take part in the reception of Holy Communion by sharing the same spoon.

As the the Metropolitan said in his sermon, the Covid-19 does not affect countries that have … true believers and in these countries the deaths are less. “Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland are countries with the same population as us. There, there are thousands dead. Hundreds of people have been affected by the pandemic. Here, too, with the grace of God, because some people raise their hands in prayer… Because they insist on a church even with closed doors, God shows his mercy and covers our country”, he said.

And he continued, inviting the faithful, to go both themselves and their children to commune “from the same spoon”. “Come now, bring your children, to commune. From the same spoon. Because you believe that this is the body and blood of the Lord! .. Those who question the body and blood of the Lord, curse it! Those who doubt that it is the body and blood of Christ, should not come, should not approach”, he stated characteristically.

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The region of Kozani recently went in complete lockdown until October 29, following the detection of 227 cases in the last two weeks.This is the first district to go under threat level 4, the highest of the new coronavirus-measures scales.

The use of a mask is obligatory everywhere, in public and private spaces, gathering in private and public spaces is banned, and the Kozani residents are not permitted to travel beyond the region’s borders.