Military services cut to 6 months for multi-member families

Males in families with over 5 children will serve for 6 months

The duration of military services for males in large families will be reduced, according to Alternate Defence Minister Panagiotis Rigas.
Speaking to radio station “Sto Kokkino”, Mr Rigas said the proposed bill, which is under discussion, would slash the term of military services to 6-months for all males in families with over 5 children.

The SYRIZA government followed in what most previous governments have traditionally leading up to elections to announce a reduction in the duration of military services. The new draft bill also provides that military services for males in families with over 3 children will fall to 8 months.
On the issue of alternative military services, the Minister explained that Greece was complying with European directives slashing the duration from 15 months to 12.