Military services extended by 3 months

The relevant decision was made by KYSEA today

The Greek Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) decided on Thursday to raise the period of conscript military service by three months in the Army, accepting the relevant proposals of the General Staffs.

In particular, the duration of the full military service of the Armed Forces is equated with the duration of the service of the Armed Forces in the Navy and Air Force (12 months for full-time conscripts instead of the current 9). The extended term will apply from the class of conscripts to be called up in May.

More specifically, based on the decision, a “bi-zonal” system will be implemented and a term of service of 9 months is put into effect, for the soldiers serving in Army units, which are either based in the region of Thrace or in the Aegean islands along the Greek-Turkish sea border. A similar system will apply to the soldiers who serve in the Hellenic Force in Cyprus (ELDYK). It should be noted that this structure already applies today to infantry serving their term in the Air Force and the Navy branches.

As for the soldiers who are obliged to serve part-time (large families, protectors of families, etc.) this is now set at 8 months from the current 6 that applies today. Note that this provision concerns those who serve in specific units of the Army (Thrace and remote Aegean islands). This regime also applies today to the Air Force and the Navy.

As for the tenure of the Probationary Reserve Officers and the Reserve Lieutenants of the Army, this is equal to the term of office of the respective categories of the Navy and the Air Force (17 months instead of the current 14). A term of 14 months is also set for the Probationary Reserve Officers and the Reserve Lieutenants of the Army serving in Thrace and the Aegean islands, something that already applies to the Navy Auxiliaries and the Probationary Reservists of the Air Force serving in units based in the respective areas.

It should be noted that these regulations do not apply to conscripts who were called up before the date of entry into force of the decision, as well as all those who will be re-registered after its entry into force.