Millenials document their Odyssey, sharing all that matters to them

Two uni students came up with the idea of giving youth a voice

Odyssey is a social content platform that crowd-sources ideas from young millenials and otherwise untapped diversity of stories and viewpoints to share with a youthful audience interested in a variety of perspectives. The platform empowers thousands of writers to contribute and share what matters to them.

All Odyssey content undergoes a rigorous editorial process which combines its proprietary MUSE technology with the insights of its editorial team. Odyssey launched online in 2014 after two students at Indiana University saw an unmet need. Since then it has grown explosively with a highly engaged Millennial and Gen Z audience. It has a presence in over 350 communities nationwide, growing to 600 communities by year end.


The US-based endeavor, whose very name is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, includes a number of articles on Greece, showing that young Americans are intrigued by the Greek situation and aware of the country as both a holiday destination and socioeconomic case study.

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