Milo Yiannopoulos sets the record straight on the Maryland shooting accusations

“Did the Daily Beast & New York Observer just get journalists killed?”


Milo Yiannopoulos wrote on his website his side of the story regarding the accusations against him according to which he encouraged people to shoot journalists.

You’re about to see a raft of news stories claiming that I am responsible for inspiring the deaths of journalists.

The bodies are barely cold and left-wing journalists are already exploiting these deaths to score political points against me. It’s disgusting. I regret nothing I said, though of course like any normal person I am saddened to hear of needless death.

The truth, as always, is the opposite of what the media tells you.

I sent a troll about “vigilante death squads” as a *private* response to a few hostile journalists who were asking me for comment, basically as a way of saying, “F*ck off.” They then published it. Amazed they were pretending to take my joke as a “threat,” I reposted these stories on Instagram to mock them — and to make it clear that I wasn’t being serious.

Headlines soon appeared claiming that I was “inciting” people to murder journalists. This is wholly false. The only people whipping up hysteria about killing reporters this week were journalists at the Daily Beast and the New York Observer.

If there turns out to be any dimension to this crime related to my private, misreported remarks, the responsibility for that lies squarely and wholly with Will Sommer of the Beast and the Observer’s Davis Richardson for drumming up fake hysteria about a private joke, and with the verified liberals who pretended they thought I was serious.

It is a demonstrable fact that the Open Society Foundation and other wealthy left-wing organizations have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe it’s millions!) disrupting my talks, beating up my audiences and spreading malicious rumors about me. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this shooter — just like the last one at YouTube — is another demented left-winger. Let’s hope it’s another transgender shooter, too, so the casualties are minimal.

The Left celebrated the shooting of Scalise and regularly incites violence against Trump supporters. They are secretly delighted by the domestic terrorism of Antifa and they cheer on Maxine Waters when she threatens consequences for Trump administration staff going about their business in public.

I made a private, offhand troll to two hostile reporters, who breathlessly publicized it and like vermin their fellow journalists swarmed to remind the world how much they hate Milo. If the Left was truly horrified by violence against journalists, they would have shown it in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo. As you all know, they didn’t.

P.S. — You guys should decide whether you think I’m “disgraced, irrelevant and over” or “so dangerous I inspire mass shootings.” I can’t be both.

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