Miss USA: Healthcare is a privilege not a right, feminist sucks!

McCullough said that feminism shouldn’t be all about hating men

Miss USA, a black radiochemist and beauty pageant winner, is being brutally slammed for disavowing feminism and saying healthcare is a privilege instead of a right.

Miss USA, previously Miss D.C., is an African American radiochemist named Kara McCullough who works for the government at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. As if brains and beauty weren’t enough, Miss USA seems to be sharp when it comes to politics too. Twice during the pageant, McCullough was asked political questions, and both times she stunned with seemingly conservative answers. Although McCullough won the pageant, she’s still being slammed on Twitter for daring to oppose radical feminism and the theory that healthcare is a right.

The judges asked McCullough if she thought healthcare was a privilege or a right and she gave an eloquent and well-explained answer. She said that in America health care is a privilege because she realizes that if you want to have health care, you need to have a job. Then, they asked her about feminism. McCullough said that women and men are equal when it comes to opportunity in the workplace and that feminism shouldn’t be all about hating men.

Feminists and leftists on Twitter are freaking out about her answers:



– Many conservatives on Twitter applauded Miss USA for her honesty: