Missing Brit found dead in ravine on Ikaria island

She was 34

The body of a British scientist who had disappeared after going for a jog on a Greek island was found Wednesday.
Her body was reportedly covered in rocks after she slipped and fell while climbing a step slope.

Dr Natalie Christopher, 34, an astrophysicist from London, went missing in Ikaria on Monday morning hours before she and her Cypriot partner were due to fly back to their home in Nicosia.

Natalie’s body was found in a ravine by a volunteer firefighter.

Firemen and other rescue crews are attempting to remove the body from the spot in an area known as Katafygi about 5km from the Brit’s hotel in Kerame – in the north of the island.

Policemen, firefighters, coast guard officers, volunteers and a naval helicopter equipped with thermal imaging took part in the search operation.

She was an extreme sports enthusiast and was the face of ‘Cyprus Girls Can’ – a campaign to encourage local women to exercise.