MIT prepared death lists against the Kurds in the Hague!

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf wrote that Turkish intelligence service has a base in the Hague for this mission

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf wrote that Turkish intelligence service has prepared “death lists” against the Kurds in Europe. According to the report, Turkish National Intelligence Service has a base in the Hague where “death lists” are reportedly prepared against the Kurdish activists in Europe.

The De Telegraaf report with the title “The Hague, nest of Turkish agents” bases on the voice recording of a conversation between a MİT agent in the Hague and MİT agent Mustafa Karataş in Hamburg.

A voice recording published by ANF last week, which was sent to Die Linke Hamburg State Parliament member Cansu Özdemir via e-mail, depicted agent Karataş and another MİT member talking about a death list of “PKK members to be eliminated”. The voice recording was also submitted to the Hamburg police.

According to the Dutch newspaper’s report, the MİT agent states that they couldn’t obtain detailed information about former BDP deputy Sevahir Bayındır yet, saying; “She changes places very often and is protected well for being a former parliamentarian. It is not possible to eliminate her totally. We need clear information until 3 hours before the operation.”

Agent Karataş who says “I need money” is responded by the other MİT agent as: “Let me ask my chief in the Hague about it. I will fly to the Hague to talk the details of this issue with my superiors.”

De Telegraaf newspaper writes that this conversation strengthens the claims that the Turkish intelligence service has a command control center in the Hague. The report remarks that the Netherlands takes these claims seriously but has made no official statement on the matter yet.

According to the newspaper, terror expert professor Edwin Bakker confirmed that Turkey follows the PKK activities in Europe closely and could possibly have a base in the Hague.