Mitsotakis-Erdogan teleconference later today, reports Hurriyet

The newspaper claims Erdogan is open to talking to Mitsotakis with no preconditions

Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” has reported that PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Erdogan will be holding a teleconference today, after the tripartite communication between the Turkish President and Angela Merkel and Charles Michel.

“President Erdogan gave the message that we are ready for a dialogue with Greece. And this is what Merkel and Michel wanted to hear “, writes the columnist Abdulkadir Selvi and adds that the exploratory contacts would start on August 7, however, the Greece-Egypt agreement on a partial delimitation of the sea borders suspended the scheduled dialogue.

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“Although Merkel was shocked, as she expected that exploratory contacts between the two countries would be announced, she then asked President Erdogan if he would talk to Mitsotakis on the phone. And Erdogan replied ‘if it is unconditional, why not? I will talk to him’, thus opening the door to dialogue, reports the Turkish newspaper.