Mitsotakis: Our government will not take extraordinary measures

The leader of ND said he would not tolerate the phenomena of lawlessness

The President of New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitostakis pledged his government would address the phenomena of lawlessness, stressing he would not tolerate phenomena such as the actions of the self-proclaimed anarchist group Rouvikonas.

Speaking to Skai TV and on the occasion of the recent action by the group which threw leaflets at the residence of the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, he said: “There will no tolerance for behaviours, which are not simply cute, but they are directly connected with terrorism. These groups are the first to accept Koufodinas when she leaves prison.”

On the economy, he appeared confident that the 2019 fiscal targets would be met. “I am sure we will meet the 2019 targets. We will not take extraordinary measures”.
He went on to reiterate his promise of tax cuts which would take effect from January 2020, while he expressed his intention to end the capital controls as soon as possible.

On the issue of the pensions, Mr. Mitsotakis said: “I guarantee current supplementary pensions”, adding that the pensioners would not see any portion of their income slashed.
He stressed that “robust growth will lead to an increase in pensions”.

The leader of ND revealed that had already decided for 50% of his cabinet, adding that technocrats would also be included in the government. Mr. Mitsotakis announced the scrapping of the Ministry for Administrative Reform by incorporating it into the Digital Policy Ministry, which would be renamed to State Ministry.