Mitsotakis – Pensions: In 2020 the retroactive payments to the pensioners

Mr. Mitsotakis began his speech with the decision to award a pension to the soldiers who fought in Cyprus, “a debt of honor to our Armed Forces”

In 2020, the retroactive payments to the pensioners will be paid in a lump sum, according to the court decision, said the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the floor of the parliament, during the discussion on the bill of the Ministry of Finance.

“The government is complying with the court decisions”, the Prime Minister said.

The amount is 1.4 billion Euros for the main pensions of the private sector, a right that extends to the public sector with just over 2.5 million eligible citizens.

As he said, the expenditure reaches the limits of the country’s budgetary possibilities.

“Your decision to impose the use of a mask in parliament is medically correct”, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressing the Speaker of the House.

“We are in the process of managing what some call the second wave of pandemic in Europe, it has not appeared here. It is necessary to follow the advice of doctors and wear the mask where it is mandatory. We have the obligation here in the parliament to be the first to set a good example”, he said.

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Mr. Mitsotakis began his speech with the decision to award a pension to the soldiers who fought in Cyprus. “A debt of honor to our Armed Forces”. About 46 years after the invasion of Cyprus, the Greek State awards a symbolic lifelong honourary pension to the men who defended Freedom in the front line”, the Prime Minister stressed.

He went on to refer to the Brussels agreement on the Reconstruction Fund, noting that the outcome of the four-day Summit brought solidarity to Europe. The essence of the Fund has never been challenged, he said, which is the creation of a fund with direct distribution to members, according to their needs.

“The pandemic brought Europe into the biggest recession in its history”, he continued. “The 21 July Agreement is a historic moment in the development of Europe. This is a huge step towards a 750 billion euros funding. Greece is one of the most favored countries in Europe and if we add the resources of the expanded framework we reach 72 billion. Out of the 32 billion of the Fund, 19 are subsidies. We were one of the protagonists of the effort. I had signed a letter with eight leaders since March”, he stated.