Mitsotakis: Tax cuts from 2020 and no public sector lay-offs

Mr. Mitsotakis promised that the ENFIA tax would be cut by 30%

The President of New Democracy (ND), Kyriakos Mitsotakis revealed his government would cut taxes from 2020 in a bill tabled in the House.

“There will be a tax cut in the 2020 budget. We have the possibility to vote for the reductions” Mitsotakis said in an interview to Skai TV on Saturday morning, adding that he would maintain the tax-free threshold, as well as the first installment of the company tax reduction, the introductory coefficient of 9% for income of up to € 10,000 and the reduction of the dividend tax

Mr. Mitsotakis said he would make it clear to Greece’s EU partners that if they “wanted to get their money back” that could only be achieved through growth and not excessive taxation.

The leader of ND said that the pensioners would not see any further cuts in their income, adding that for the new retirees he would re-examine the current law introduced by SYRIZA. He reiterated his pledge to cut the unified property tax (ENFIA) by 30% and it would incrementally apply to all citizens.