Mitsotakis to Tsipras: Your government will soon be a passing nightmare for the Greek people

He blasted Tsipras over near debacle of COSCO deal

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of Greece’s main opposition party, New Democracy, blasted the Greek government in parliament, Thursday night, calling for general elections. During the discussion on the controversy caused with the deal with Chinese company COSCO, Mitsotakis accused the government of preventing jobs from coming into the country with its ‘unbelievably amateurish’ tactics, leading to unemployed Greeks missing employment opportunities. The opposition leader unleashed an acrimonious attack dubbing the government a ‘mess’. ‘The time when the Greek people will abandon you is approaching. You will be remembered as a nightmare’, he said. Mitsotakis backed the deal with COSCO, characterising it ‘very significant for the Greek economy’. ‘But with your childish antics, you managed to politically nullify the deal’. Mitsotakis said of the deal with COSCO. He continued by chastising the government for traducing the country and undermining investments in Greece. ’Mr. Tsipras and his government as a whole are the epitome of hypocrisy, unreliability and ineffectiveness’, he pointed out. Mitsotakis said that at a time when attracting investments should be the top priority for the county the Greek government was doing whatever it could to send away those few investors still remaining in Greece.