Monemvasia: Count the stars in … Kinsterna!

Guests will be able to see the moon, planets and stellar formations using specialized equipment

For those who haven’t booked their holiday as yet, Monemvasia could be a good choice, since it is one of the most romantic and historical destinations in Greece, while there will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique hospitality of the award-winning mansion Kinsterna.

Throughout the year, the Kinsterna mansion organizes various activities that are closely connected with the estate area of 70 acres and specially designed for guests who want to get to know the area and the history of the mansion and live unique experiences.

The fantastic environment of Kinsterna, awakens the inextricable relationship with nature and captures the thought, while encouraging adults, teenagers and younger children to participate in various outdoor activities, including the study of constellations.

So this summer, something exciting happening in Kinsterna for the first time. For the dark nights of Monemvasia, where the sky is full of stars, Ms Myrto Kyriakidou will revive the Greek myths. During this novel experience, Myrto will talk about the feats of Hercules and what happened to Cassiopeia, while reading the rainbow book of constellations.

Astronomy was a basic ancient Greek science and avocation. Important astronomical work from the Academy of Plato and Aristarchus of Samos had his own theory about the stars and planets. The experience of “Night Sky Tour” will have the opportunity to experience the visitors of Kinsterna, which will reveal the mysteries of the heavenly bodies, connecting the ancient past with modern astrophysics.

The first star night will be held on the 30th of July in Kinsterna, where guests will be able to see the moon, planets and stellar formations using specialized equipment. Participation in the star night is free, while stakeholders can benefit from special offers on accommodation.