More deaths than births in Greece in 2016: ELSTAT

Negative trend continues

Greece is sitting on a demographic time-bomb, as its population is aging at an alarming rate, according to data released by the Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). The figures show that there were 25,894 more deaths than births in 2016, a trend that persisted from 2015 when 29,368 more people had died than were born. The official recorded births in Greece for 2016 amounted to 92,898 (47,882 boys and 45,016 girls), a slight rise from the year before when the registered births were 91,847 (47,294 boys and 44,553 girls). Deaths were down by 2% in 2016 and stood at 118,792, while infant deaths (below 1 years old) were 387, increasing the infant mortality rate to 4.2% from 4% in 2015. Weddings amounted to 49,632 (23,778 religious and 25,854 civil), a 7.5% fall compared to 2015, while there was a notable spike in civil partnerships by 45.5% in 2016.