More Greeks using mobile devices for online shopping, worldwide survey shows

Paypal and Ipsos conduct survey on international online shopping trends

Online purchases via mobile devices in Greece are up, as 25 per cent of sales were made through mobile phones or tablets, according to the data from a Paypal and Ipsos survey on international online shopping trends.
China and India are the leaders for online shopping via mobile as 53 per cent and 48 per cent consumers in those countries make their purchases online, respectively. The United States (45 per cent) came in third. Worldwide, purchases through mobile devices account for 32 per cent of the total volume of payments but the majority of consumers still prefer to use their desktop computers to shop online, especially in eastern parts of Europe (65 per cent in Russia, 73 per cent in Greece, 76 per cent in the Czech Republic).
International online shopping is growing rapidly, the survey found, with 55per cent of customers in the 31 countries participating in the survey having made purchases from e-shops in another country.
The most popular products purchased abroad were clothing and footwear (68 per cent), electronic goods (53 per cent) and games (53 per cent).
Greek online consumers tend to buy mainly clothing from foreign-based e-stores, footwear and accessories, electronic goods, computers/tablets/mobiles and peripheral devices and games and hobby goods.
The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, are the main foreign markets Greeks purchased their products from.