Moscovici sees a final agreement in the Eurogroup of June 15th

He underscored the country’s positive performance

EU Economy Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said during a debate on the European Parliament in Brussels, that he is optimistic that the Eurogroup on June 15th will have a final agreement on Greece.

Answering a question by SYRIZA MEP and deputy chairman of the European Parliament, Dimitris Papadimoulis, Moscovici referred to over 140 “ambitious” prerequisites that Greece has to fulfill in the second evaluation and stressed that we are on the “right track” . He added, however, that before the debt issue is dealt with, there are some requirements that need to be resolved within the next few weeks. He continued, saying that the Commission would try to play its role as an honest mediator in order to reach a final agreement for Greece in the next Eurogroup and expressed the hope that this will happen.

As to when Greece will come out from the excessive deficit procedure, Moscovici underlined the country’s positive performance at the financial level, saying that Greece has exceeded its goals and expressed the belief that this “positive performance” would continue this year. “This is good news,” said Moscovici and added that the discussions on completing the second evaluation are continuing on the financial path that Greece will follow, something that will be discussed again at the Eurogroup on the 15th of June. He added that significant progress had been made in the past Eurogroup, but the final agreement could not be reached and he expressed the belief that this would happen in the next Eurogroup.