Moscow, Kiev exchange accusations over Malaysia airline crash

The Ukrainian government claims that pro-Russian separatists have hidden corpses, debris and the antiaircraft missile system used to shoot down the aircraft

The Ukrainian government has today released a video which allegedly shows the efforts of pro-Russian rebels to carry away from Donetsk the antiaircraft Buk missile system which was used to shoot down the Malaysian Boeing.

In fact, a missile is missing from the antiaircraft system shown in the video!

According to sources from the Ukrainian government, Kiev also accuses the rebels of trying to removeevidence from the site of the crash.

The Ukrainian government officially announced that Pro-Moscow rebels had removed 38 bodies from the crash site to a morgue in the insurgent controlled city of Donetsk where specialists with clearly Russian accents said they would conduct autopsies.

According to the same statement, separatist forces were also blocking access to the site and searching for big lorries to transport the wreckage to Russia.

Agreement for setting up a security zone

In the meantime, the group of mediators from Ukraine, Russia and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has reached an agreement with the Pro-Russian separatists to set op a 20 sq km safety zone around the crash site of the Malaysian plane in Donetsk Region, according to the head of the country’s Security Service, Valentin Nalivaichenko.

“Trilateral talks ended on the agreement on 20 sq km zone so that Ukraine can perform its humanitarian mission, i.e. to transfer the bodies to the relatives (of the victims),” Nalivaichenko said.

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