Mossad agents in Athens

To assist with investigations into the recent Israeli consulate attack

Thirteen attacks witth incendiary devices on ATMs, gas canisters against city halls and a car dealership, six burned cars, two attacks on buses full of people, a bomb in a bank and the riddling of the Israeli consulate by AK fire is a nightmarish puzzle where nobody knows its final form.

Over the past two weeks, after several months of inactivity, a barrage of terrorist attacks and intensive guerilla operations across the country is recorded. Phenomena that may become hazardous.

The appearance of the People’s Fighter Group which specializes in high-rish operations and has in its arsenal at least four AKs and RPGs reinforces Police’s concern and reaffirms its wide net to prevent terrorist attacks.

At the same time, a Mossad team has arrived in Athens to assist with investigations since the time chosen by the armed rebels to hit Israeli targets reinforces fears of provocative attacks from groups who want to cause instability in the wider region of the eastern Mediterranean.