Most detailed Hubble image ever captures 265.000 galaxies across the cosmos

As wide as the image is, the Hubble Legacy Field still only encompasses an incredibly small patch of sky – just short of the width of the full Moon

The Hubble Space Telescope has a knack for making us feel incredibly small, peering ever deeper into space and revealing the cosmos in unprecedented detail. The latest such image, named the Hubble Legacy Field, is a mosaic of thousands of exposures over the years and constitutes the largest and most comprehensive image ever put together by the Hubble science team.

The image contains a whopping 265,000 galaxies, but don’t bother trying to spot them all – the faintest of them are far too dim for the human eye to see. These galaxies are the farthest from Earth at a mind-blowing distance of 13.3 billion light-years, meaning the telescope has picked them up as they appeared soon after the beginning of the universe itself.

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