Mother of 6-month-old infant that died in fires passes away in hospital

She was in critical condition for 12 days

The mother of the 6-month-old baby that died in the Mati fires on July 23 has passed away after fighting for her life in the intensive care unit for over a week.

The mother named Margarita, who was married to the firefighter that rushed to combat the flames without knowing the blaze would soon reach his home, was hospitalised in the Intensive Care Unit with burns and respiratory problems for twelve days.
In the tragic sequence of events on July 23, the husband arrived at his house with the ambulance and despite their efforts to resuscitate the 6-month-old boy that had inhaled fumes, the baby died. During the first-aid of the baby, burnt and in shock, Margarita constantly asked: “Is he OK, is my baby OK?” With a trembling voice, the infant’s grandfather and Margarita’s father confirmed the tragic news to “My daughter was in a critical situation. I wish I had some good news to tell you.”