Mum helps naked drunk stranger in Halloween makeup to bed thinking it was her son! (PHOTOS)

Juliet Jarvis was shocked to find Marc Campfield in her dressing room on Sunday morning!

Juliet, 49, went in when she was woken at 4.30am and placed a pillow under his head, believing it was her son Stewart Kinsey, 30.

She was taken aback by his polite “thank you” but continued making him comfortable in the darkened room.


The following morning her insurance broker husband, Cliff, came downstairs and calmly remarked: “There’s a naked bloke upstairs and it is not Stewart.”

The drunk was Marc Campfield, who had painted his face with a half-skull before a big night out.


But he was thrown out of a nightclub in Farnham, Surrey, for falling asleep.

Car dealer Marc, 29, has no idea how he got to the remote house in Kingsley Common, four miles from where he lives in Bordon.

He staggered into the house, stripped off his soaking, mud-caked clothes and crashed out under a duvet.


Juliet said: “I went in to see a head poking out from a duvet. He said, ‘I just need to sleep’.

“I told him I would get him a pillow, slipped it under his head and made sure he was warm and OK.

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“His hands were filthy but just thought, ‘Oh well, Stewart does funny things’.

“He said ‘thank you’ and I thought, ‘Hmmmm, Stewart sounds very polite’.”


When a still-drunk Marc poked his head out of the door the next morning he was greeted by the sight of Cliff in his Y-fronts.

He said: “I tried to bluff that I knew their son.


“The lady took a picture of me to send to him — I knew then I had been rumbled.”

The couple took him a T-shirt and jeans to wear before he came downstairs. Juliet said: “We said, ‘Did you have a drink last night?’


“He replied, ‘I think so’, and we all started laughing. My husband ran him home.”

Marc added: “I could not have stumbled into the home of two more lovely people. They were so understanding.”

But Stewart sighed: “I’m going to have some serious words with my mother — she still can’t recognise me after all these years.”