Mum pays 150,000 euros to look like Barbie! (photos)

It was her dream, she says

OK, we all have some kind of role model that we would like to emulate. But a mum from Essex took her love for Barbie to an insane new level, as she splashed 150,000 euros to resemble the doll!

Kerry Miles, 35, began her journey of transformation in 2006, and 12 years later says she feels her circle has closed after her last serious surgery on January 31.
Her parents chipped in the last 12,000 euros as a Christmas present for a nose job, which cost less than the amount her parents gave her.
From bright pink skirts, trousers and high heels, Kerry copies Barbie’s style every day and thanks to her new nose, finally feels that her transformation is complete.
“I’m definitely the closest thing to a real-life Barbie, I go to the gym every day and spend around £400 each month to maintain my glamorous image.
“My husband initially did not like what they did, but now he is used to it. I had made it clear to him that if he made me pick between my change and him, I would divorce him”, she said.